How to Find the Right Size Bra

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This article was kind of embarrassing to write and very odd to promote, but it paid pretty well.


New Cast For “Dancing With The Stars”

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This morning on ABC’s “Good Morning America”, Jerry Springer, talk show host and former dancing contestant, announced the new line-up to the next wave of “Dancing With The Stars“. Returning for a fourth season, the show pairs celebrities with professional dancers, as they compete for votes from the viewing public for survival. The winner of the program gets a trophy, but more importantly, the prestige of having been the best dancer in their peer group.

Contestants are from a wide variety of backgrounds, all with no formal dance training. They include an entertainment reporter, a former boy band member, a country singer turned actor, an ex-wife of a rock legend, three professional athletes, two actors, a model and a beauty queen.

Olympian Apolo Anton Ohno will trade his speed skates for tap shoes, joining Muhammad Ali’s daughter and boxer in her own right, Laila Ali, and Basketball Hall of Fame member, Clyde Drexler. Hoping to give them competition is “Sopranos” tv gangster, Salvatore “Big Pussy” Bonpensiero, played by actor Vincent Pastore, along with Ian Ziering from “Beverly Hills, 90210” and former “Entertainment Tonight” host Leeza Gibbons. 2004’s Miss USA, Shandi Finnessey, will also vie for the honor, as well as Billy Ray Cyrus of “Achy Breaky Heart” fame and model Paulina Porizkova. Finishing the dance wanna-be line-up is NSYNC’s Joey Fatone and Paul McCartney’s estranged wife, Heather Mills.

Despite the potential talent, many will watch Mills closely, as she will compete with an artificial leg, which she lost in a 1993 motorcycle accident.

“Dancing With The Stars” premieres March 19th on ABC against ratings powerhouse, FOX‘s “American Idol“, and then will air Monday and Tuesday nights.

American Idol?

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Based on early audtions, last night’s American Idol was to showcase some great potential talent.  Unfortunately, things went drastically wrong.  No one was a stand out; I kept waiting for the show stopper that never came.  The song choices weren’t up to par, the vocals were shaky on just about everybody, and it was disappointing.  I hope tonight’s round of females show the guys how it’s done.

Madonna Concert Review

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 “…Time goes by so slowly…Time goes by so slowly…”

As fans began to get ansty waiting for a certain artist to take to the stage, the main question on everyone’s mind was, “Who does this performer think she is?  Madonna or something?”  Well…yes.  Only one force of nature could pack thousands of people into sauna-like conditions.  That force being the 8th wonder of the world…Madonna.

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Cut Hollywood’s Youth Some Slack!

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Britney Spears has been spotted missing…not her underwear…but her hair. It seems the mother of two made her bald debut in Body and Soul, a tattoo parlor, in the San Fernando Valley, while getting inked with a tiny pair of pink and red lips on her wrist.  You know one of two things is happening in America when a hairstyle makes major headlines. Either it’s a slow news day or the hairstyle is attached to a famous or infamous person and the media is overly scrutinizing their every move. 

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Review: Katherine McPhee’s Self-Titled Debut Album

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Runner up to last season’s American Idol, Katherine McPhee, has recently dropped her self-titled debut album. Fans hoping to get the McPhee-ver will more likely get a mild cold; this is a luke-warm start for Katherine.

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Review: Art Garfunkel’s “Some Enchanted Evening”

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Art Garfunkel, once part of folk power duo, Simon & Garfunkel, has put out a collection of American standards in “Some Enchanted Evening”. The first track sets the tone of the entire album, and puts the listener in a calm and restful place. Unfortunately, Garfunkel’s vocals aren’t what they used to be, which he tries to make up for by the relaxing feel.

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