Sanjaya the Next American Idol?

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Nothing against the kid, but…seriously?  He’s still on the show?  This makes me wonder if I should give credibility to the rumors that have long circulated, suggesting that the results are rigged.  He doesn’t suck or he never would have made the qualifying rounds to begin with.  However, his mellow, too shy, awkward stage presence makes me embarrassed just watching.  I can see a young Michael Jackson type of smile thing going on, but his appeal over Sundance’s big voice…seriously? 

I had hoped that Phil, Sanjaya, Haley and Antonella would leave…one out of four is bad news.  How could Sabrina leave?  This proves one of two things…song selection is ultra important or the show’s producers throw these type of shocking results at the audience to keep us watching. 


Unsolved Zodiac Murders Still Fascinate

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It’s a case that has fascinated many: A serial killer who had no rhyme or reason for choosing his victims and was never captured. For years, the public’s fear was only intensified with cryptic letters printed in newspapers, threatening more attacks. A murderer on a killing spree never brought to justice, inspiring a copycat killer. 

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