The Awake Tour Concert Review: The Josh Groban Experience

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 Am I in the right place?  That is Groban’s band playing Zeppelin, right?  Why am I looking at Josh Groban as if he’s a total rock star?  In the grand scheme of things, it wasn’t so off kilter at all.

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Bon Jovi’s Lost Highway Leads to a New Found Treasure

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Bon Jovi has had a long lasting career based on good music, faithful fans and the ability to gain new followers with each successive album. Continuing on the country path of “Who Says You Can’t Go Home,” a song performed with country star Jennifer Nettles of Sugarland, the band has followed up with an entire collection of Nashville friendly songs. In fact, Lost Highway was recorded in Nashville, TN.

At first thought, Bon Jovi purists may want to down a bottle of bad medicine. After all, what do these Jersey boys, the undisputed kings of anthem rock songs, know of country music? Are the guys who can sell out Giant Stadium faster than you can blink, turning in their steel horses for a seat at the rodeo? Will they ever be allowed on the Jersey Turnpike again after this potential fiasco? Not to worry; Bon Jovi will not be run out of the Garden State any time soon. Though the disc isn’t the big hair sound many are used to, it is only a small departure from the evolution the fellas have been taking all along. And while critics will see Lost Highway as the guys selling out, other more open-minded individuals will find a great surprise. The album is good…damn good, and worth the ride.

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