American Idol Elimination 3/29/12

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Some of the artists whose songs were sung last night reached out to the Idol hopefuls through Twitter.  Mariah Carey, Jonny Lang and Lifehouse were among them.  Eric Benet made a surprise appearance to congratulate DeAndre in person.

Nicki Minaj was the first guest performer on Idol tonight, doing a great job with that silly song of hers, “Spaceships”.  Anyone else notice the awkward pause Jennifer Lopez, Steven Tyler and Randy Jackson gave Nicki after she inappropriately sprung her wanting to return as a guest judge?  So wrong, and yet, so funny.

Scotty McCreery, last year’s winner, was presented with an award following his “Water Tower Town”. 

Idol got down to business, sending Skylar, Holli and HeeJun to the bottom three.  Skylar returned to the couches.  And there stood the remaining two.  A strong voice and a likable singer.  HeeJun sang for his life, but rightfully, they judges did not use their one save.  He’ll get many opportunities from his stint on Idol for sure.  Best of luck to the remaining contestants.


American Idol Re-Cap 3/28/12

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Tonight the American Idol hopefuls sang songs from their idols, and it was quite entertaining.  

Colton Dixon kicked it off with his performance of Lifehouse’s beautiful song, “Everything”.  The music arrangement was lovely; his singing not so much.  I’m confident he’ll be safe, because while not my style, he was ok and even with the crazy, two-tone butcher cut, he’s not bad to look at.

Skylar Laine bounced along to Miranda Lambert’s “Gun Powder and Lead”.  I actually didn’t hate it and I must say, she always brings the high energy.

The first of three trios began with a Fleetwood Mac medley, courtesy of Colton, Elise & Phillip.  “Landslide”, “Edge of Seventeen” and “Don’t Stop Thinking About Tomorrow” were the three songs.  Colton did ok, Elise did the songs justice and Phillip worked it out.  The harmonies of the contestants got better as the medley progressed.

HeeJun Han dropped the comedy routine for his performance of Donny Hathaway’s “Song for You”.  His vocals were good, but his accent is noticeable and distracting at times.

Carrie Underwood’s “Jesus Take the Wheel” made an appearance thanks to Hollie Cavanagh.  The judges weren’t crazy over it, yet I finally saw why she’s in the top ten.  The vocals mixed with her innocent look worked and I thought she did great.

DeAndre Brackensack took Eric Benet’s “Sometimes I Cry” to new heights.  Despite J.Lo’s plea to vote for DeAndre, I don’t get it.  The falsetto was a bit much for me, as it may be for America, so he could be packing his bags.

Beyonce’s “Sweet Dream” was not a beautiful nightmare for Jessica Sanchez.  The girl can sing, no doubt, but I’m still not a fan.  There’s some kind of arrogance either she projects or I perceive with her.  Despite the unlikablilty factor, she’ll be safe for many weeks to come.

The second trio of competitors sang a Michael Jackson mix, including “Lady of Mine”, “Rock With You” and “P.Y.T.”.  DeAndre, HeeJun and Joshua knocked it out!  They were really good; the dancing, no.

It was “Still Raining” with Phillip Phillips singing Jonny Lang’s song.  He did an excellent job and might I add, is also easy on the eyes. 😉

Joshua Ledet oversang “Without You” by Harry Nilsson.  He did a decent job, however, his church vocals didn’t seem to work.  A disappointment, since I know he could’ve had the performance of the night.  

The biggest disappointment and outrage of the show was the last medley…Madonna.  Skylar, Holly and Jessica massacred “Like A Prayer”, “Borderline” and “Express Yourself” in the worst way possible.  They all seemed to try to out-sing each other, resulting in a distasteful tribute to the Queen of Pop.

Closing out the show was Elise Testone, rockin’ it to Led Zeppelin’s “Whole Lotta Love”.  Maybe it was the karma from wearing the same black and silver bell bottoms as Steven Tyler, but Testone owned the classic rock tune.

It was a pretty good time of song tonight, soooo much better than last week.  We’ll see who survives the cut, tomorrow night.

American Idol Elimination 3-22-12

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After an awkward performance of “Video Games” from Lana Del Ray, an even awkwarder but kick ass guitar riff from Joe Perry of Happy Birthday for Steven Tyler, and the new single, “Free”, from last season’s Haley Reinhart and her big side ’80s hairdo, the bottom three was DeAndre, Erika and HeeJun.


DeAndre was sent back to the couches, stranding a strong vocalist and a funny contestant.  HeeJun escaped elimination, and Erika sang “I Believe In You And Me” for one last chance at stardom on the American Idol stage.  Did the judges use their one save to give her another chance?


Randy unceremoniously broke the news…NO.  Best of luck to Erika, who never seemed to really let loose and show the audience the full extent of her voice.  

American Idol Re-Cap

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God help Billy Joel fans around the world, for tonight the American Idol contestants used his songbook for this week’s theme.

DeAndre Brackensack started off the nightmare show with “Only the Good Die Young.”  He did his thing, I suppose.  Jennifer Lopez was right about his laid back approach, though I thought it was very karaoke.

Erika Van Pelt and her new super dark hair cut took on the monster anthem, “New York State of Mind”; she sang it well, but something was off.  I don’t know which was more of a disconnect…the black side cut or her not believable whatsoever rendition of the Empire State’s tune.

Joshua Ledet sang “She’s Got A Way” with a very soulful performance that I actually didn’t hate!  But J.Lo nailed it again by saying he didn’t really connect with the lyrics.  And what’s with Steven Tyler not knowing that song?!  It’s one of the greatest love songs.  Ever.

Another master song, “Shameless”, was presented courtesy of Skylar Laine.  Not a fan of country, did love Garth Brooks’ take on this one.  THUMBS DOWN to Skylar’s nasally version.  Blech!

“Vienna” was sung by Elise Testone.  Not recognizable by many, unless you are true Joel fan.  Unfortunately, “Vienna” is one of my favorites, and hearing Elise screech ‘Vi-anna’ was a real turn off.  A shame, because she has a lovely rugged voice.

Phillip Phillips brought credibility to “Movin’ Out (Anthony’s Song)”.  Love the original.  Quite fond of Phillip’s groove!  And keep the guitar, bro, that’s your style.

Hollie Cavanagh over-sang an over-emotional “Honesty”.   And am I over-imagining things, or does she have a slight accent?

The hysterical HeeJun Han entertained with “My Life”.  The guy’s on borrowed time, but man is he funny!

Jessica Sanchez chose another little known song, “Everybody Has A Dream”.  There’s something about Ms. Sanchez I don’t care for, and I can’t pinpoint what it is.  She over-sang this inspirational ballad, but the judges loved it, so she’ll survive another week.

Hunky-punky Colton Dixon chose the iconic, nobody-should-ever-seriously-cover-this-song-ever, “Piano Man”.  I can barely critique his performance because I was so turned off by his choice.  I can say his piano playing was pretty.

Overall, it wasn’t the complete massacre I feared, but boy, was it close.