God help Billy Joel fans around the world, for tonight the American Idol contestants used his songbook for this week’s theme.

DeAndre Brackensack started off the nightmare show with “Only the Good Die Young.”  He did his thing, I suppose.  Jennifer Lopez was right about his laid back approach, though I thought it was very karaoke.

Erika Van Pelt and her new super dark hair cut took on the monster anthem, “New York State of Mind”; she sang it well, but something was off.  I don’t know which was more of a disconnect…the black side cut or her not believable whatsoever rendition of the Empire State’s tune.

Joshua Ledet sang “She’s Got A Way” with a very soulful performance that I actually didn’t hate!  But J.Lo nailed it again by saying he didn’t really connect with the lyrics.  And what’s with Steven Tyler not knowing that song?!  It’s one of the greatest love songs.  Ever.

Another master song, “Shameless”, was presented courtesy of Skylar Laine.  Not a fan of country, did love Garth Brooks’ take on this one.  THUMBS DOWN to Skylar’s nasally version.  Blech!

“Vienna” was sung by Elise Testone.  Not recognizable by many, unless you are true Joel fan.  Unfortunately, “Vienna” is one of my favorites, and hearing Elise screech ‘Vi-anna’ was a real turn off.  A shame, because she has a lovely rugged voice.

Phillip Phillips brought credibility to “Movin’ Out (Anthony’s Song)”.  Love the original.  Quite fond of Phillip’s groove!  And keep the guitar, bro, that’s your style.

Hollie Cavanagh over-sang an over-emotional “Honesty”.   And am I over-imagining things, or does she have a slight accent?

The hysterical HeeJun Han entertained with “My Life”.  The guy’s on borrowed time, but man is he funny!

Jessica Sanchez chose another little known song, “Everybody Has A Dream”.  There’s something about Ms. Sanchez I don’t care for, and I can’t pinpoint what it is.  She over-sang this inspirational ballad, but the judges loved it, so she’ll survive another week.

Hunky-punky Colton Dixon chose the iconic, nobody-should-ever-seriously-cover-this-song-ever, “Piano Man”.  I can barely critique his performance because I was so turned off by his choice.  I can say his piano playing was pretty.

Overall, it wasn’t the complete massacre I feared, but boy, was it close.