The top seven unconvincingly sang Pink’s “Raise Your Glass” as an out-of-sync, poorly choreographed Idol super group.  

The fun really began when Hollie and Jessica were separated to the two sides of the stage.

“Higher Than Heaven” was sung by former contestant and newlywed James Durbin.  Durbin lost some of his cuteness with that bleach blond hair, but his song was straight up rock.  Good luck on his career!

Phillip and Elise were also split, with Elise joining Jessica and Phillip standing next to Hollie.

Oscar winner, Grammy winner, and weight loss winner Jennifer Hudson and super smooth Ne-Yo performed “Think Like A Man”.  Great song.  

Colton was relegated to Hollie’s and Phillip’s side; Joshua joined Jessica and Elise.

Skylar, who was told she was safe, was shockingly asked by Seacrest to choose sides; (as if this lame-o trick doesn’t come up every friggin’ year).

Once she wisely refused, Ryan guided her to…Hollie, Phillip and Colton!  Leaving the bottom three to be Joshua!  Elise!  And even Jessica!

Steven Tyler ruined any type of mystique by declaring they will be using their one save for the eliminated contestant.

Joshua was sent back to safety, (thank God!) as well as Elise!  

And so there stood unlikable Jessica, singing her song for life in the competition, when all three judges came marching onstage, Jennifer Lopez dramatically grabbing the microphone and telling her to go sit down!

Despite the exaggerated remarks by Randy Jackson that she’s one of the best singers in America, I was glad she was saved.  She deserves to be in it.

Great shocker tonight!  We still have a top 7, and the votes will count next week, as the save is over and the chips will fall where they may!