Ryan Seacrest said a quick word about the unfortunate passing of legendary radio/rock and roll pioneer Dick Clark.  The awkward sentiment was rushed unceremoniously and the audience was informed that the contestants would be singing #1 hit songs from the year 2000 till today, as well as a soul song from the past.

Hollie took on Adele’s monster “Rollin’ in the Deep” to great success.  She sounded strong, still looked slightly stiff, and managed to get positive reviews from the judges. 

Colton appeared with skinny red hot leather pants, and a hot pink streak in his faux hawk.  He sang Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance” and did good!  The low notes weren’t fantastic, but the rock vibe was stellar.

Elise and her wind machine, (something every girl should walk around with!) performed Alicia Keys’ “No One”.  The raspy tone was par for the course, abut it seems like America might just be sending her a message by consistently landing her in the bottom three.  

Phillip strangely chose Usher’s “You Got It Bad”, and we were treated to a sultry side!.  In the words of J.Lo (who made Mr. Phillips blush), his version was ‘sexy’.  

Jessica was out for revenge and seemed a bit humbled while singing “Fallin'” by Alicia Keys.  The only thing more fabulous than her rendition was her huge, diamond-shaped wire earrings!

Skylar knocked it out with Lady Gaga’s country rock version of “Born This Way”.  Four words for it…she came to play!  It was quite good, and I’m finding her new found fighting spirit more amiable. 

Joshua sang Fantasia’s “I Believe” and the kid killed it.  You could feel the meaning behind the words he was singing and he performed the hell out of that song.

Hollie returned with a good luck clip from the Liverpool Football Club, (HELLO!!!) and “Son of a Preacher Man”.  Listening to it, it was great.  Watching it was a bit weird.  This is a soul song, with a little sin hinted in, and it was sung by a young, blonde all-American looking but British, girl.  The judges approved though.

Colton played piano and sang a twisted, heart-felt, alternative rock version of “September”.  The judges expected more, yet I thought it was great.  Alas, the standing ovation he’s searching for will have to wait another week.

Elise gave us “Let’s Get It On”.  Another job well done, which the judges said she didn’t connect to the audience with.

“In the Midnight Hour” came about courtesy of Phillip, sans guitar!  He appears kinda goofy without his guitar crutch, and as Steven Tyler stated, ‘brilliantly awkward’, but he sounded amazing growling through.

Jessica overdid “Try A Little Tenderness”.  She sounded forced; I didn’t care for it once again and if America wants to keep her, the votes better come in.

Skylar owned “Heard It Through the Grapevine”!  She did wonderful and was like Randy said, ‘a party’.

“A Change Is Gonna Come” by Sam Cooke was presented by Joshua.  Not sure if he fully connected with it, but he wore it out for sure!

Who can truly predict how voting is going to go?  One thing’s for sure; the save is gone, everyone is up for elimination and it’s anyone’s game.