The final seven sang “Dancin’ in the Streets” as a group, before Seacrest sent Hollie to the bottom three stools, and Joshua back to safety.

Former American Idol Kris Allen sang his new single, “Stand for the Vision of Love” from his forth-coming album, “Thank You Camellia”.

Elise got thrown to the bottom while Jessica survived this week.  After a longer more appropriate video montage of the late great Dick Clark, Colton was also sent the stools.

LMFAO was “Sorry for Party Rockin'” and this group always looks like they have a good time.

The good times continued for Elise, as she was given a reprieve, and there was power voice Hollie with cutie Colton.  Unfortunately, Colton was eliminated.

Considering this was his second go ’round for AI, and he wasn’t even supposed to be on the show this year, seeing as he was there for his sister’s audition, he did quite well and should be proud.  Best of luck to the remaining six.