Despite the terror of knowing this week’s theme for American Idol was the legendary music of Queen, I sat meditating in peace before the show, trying to convince myself it wouldn’t be half bad and to have an open mind.  

The nightmare evening began with a medley by the remaining hopefuls, accompanied by Queen members and rock gods Brian May and Roger Taylor.  As a group and during the chorus, the six sounded semi-ok.  Then they sang individually…and I could just imagine Freddie Mercury turning in his grave at the destruction of his music.  Mercury isn’t easy to sing at all.  Even Elise and Phillip, who had a slight edge with their edgier voices, were disastrous. 

The epic “Bohemian Rhapsody” was ruined by Jessica.  Let’s forget that they chopped up the song’s arrangement for time constraints.  This young girl tried to match her vocal abilities to the late, great rocker Freddie Mercury.  The judges mentioned that rock was not her forte, saving my tv from a shoe being thrown at it.

Skylar destroyed “Show Must Go On”.  As this symphony is more of a ballad, she had a decent chance to do it justice.  She tried too hard, sounded a bit course, and the twang and the screaming along with  Randy’s approval, did nothing for my nerves.

“Crazy Little Thing Called Love” was yelled through by Joshua.  It had a swing vibe, but was subpar compared to his past performances. 

Elise took on “I Want It All”.  She almost restored my faith in this poor idea for a theme, until she added unnecessary runs.  She did ok, though, and I appreciated her comments regarding how hard it was to sing a Queen song.

Phillip awkwardly traipsed through “Fat Bottomed Girls” to the same amount of success as Elise.  

“Save Me” was sung by Hollie and…she did it!  She performed the power ballad brilliantly.  And yet, the judges thought it wasn’t as fantastic as I did, confirming my theory that their ears were definitely clogged the first hour.

Luckily the second half of the show was the contestant’s pick.  Jessica dedicated Luther Vandross’ “Dance With My Father Again” to her soon to be deployed father.  Not gonna hate on her for two reasons:  I’m not a heartless monster and she wrecked that tune, in a good way.

Skylar took on Jason Aldean’s “Tatoos On This Town”.  Destined for country is this girl.  In her element, she did a good job.

Joshua returned with Indie Arie’s “Ready For Love”.  His vocals were the ill shiz-nit, son.  Excellent performance as usual; Joshua deserves to be in the finale.

“Bold As Love” by Jimi Hendrix was presented by Elise.  It was cool, groovy but hard to understand her at times.  The bluesy rock vibe is her style for sure.

“The Stone” by the Dave Matthews Band was done by Phillip.  Unfamiliar with the song, and not fond of the artist to begin with, I’m thinking Philly may be in the bottom tomorrow night.

Hollie knocked out Miley Cyrus’ “The Climb”.  Bonus:  the judges loved it, too!

The first hour was complete fiasco, while the second hour was quite entertaining and impressive.  Tune in tomorrow night to see who makes it to the top five!