The night began with a tribute band hand-picked by Queen, performing “Somebody To Love”, by Queen’s Extravaganza.

Elise was thrown to the bottom, while Jessica moved to the top five.

Former Idol contestant from last season, Stefano, returned with his new single, “I’m On A Roll”.

Joshua and Hollie were up next; no surprise here, as Joshua was saved and Hollie was sent to the stools.

Katy Perry attacked her hit, “Part Of Me”, with military style.  Cute, but “Rhythm Nation” it was not.

Skylar vs. Phillip landed Skylar in the bottom and Phillip to the top 3.

Skylar was soon sent back to safety, and there stood the bluesy rocker with the power vocalist.  Both heads down.  Holding hands.  Who was to leave the competition?

After the obnoxious, drawn out commercial break, the answer was…

Elise.  She left with the song that earned her highest praises, “Whole Lotta Love”.

Top five remain.