In case you got side tracked by tuning into for the Justin Bieber interview, here is a recap of tonight’s American Idol.

After the first order of business, saving Joshua, the ultra cool Coldplay performed “Paradise” from their album, “Mylo Xyloto”.

Hollie and Phillip were called up front and center with Ryan sending Hollie to the bottom two.

Looking lovely as ever, former American Idol winner Carrie Underwood returned to the stage, singing the title track to her new album, “Blown Away”.  Side note: the wind machine was making her dress dangerously fly away, bringing her close to a wardrobe malfunction!

Skylar and Jessica soon had their agonizing moment in the spotlight, until Seacrest announced safety was to be handed to Jessica.

Coldplay came back to sing “Every Teardrop A Waterfall” with strong energy.  What a great band!

Hollie and Skylar stood as the bottom two.  Both talented, both ever so close to the singing title, but one’s dream to be crushed.

The person leaving was…Skylar Laine.

Top four left in the competition.