iPhone + Water = Panic Induced Sleepless Night!

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I’ve never cared much for cell phones.  I hate land lines as it is.  I prefer face to face interactions; you can’t gauge emotions or reactions through voice or texts alone.  I was perfectly content with my old Motorola Razr cell phone; I cared for it and rarely used it except for emergencies.  When I finally decided to switch to a newer smart phone, roughly seven years later, my Razr looked brand spanking new.

I ignored the teasing from owners of the first, second and third generations of smart phone users.  Sure, their phones could do lots of things, but if I got angry during a conversation, I had the satisfaction of slamming the flip phone shut.  That small little noise was satisfying.  What kind of aggression is let out by tapping ‘End’?  None.  Also, should I lose or break it, the cost of getting a new one was minimal in comparison to a smart phone.

The reason I finally gave in was because I saw the practical uses of an upgrade.  Checking email, internet use, fun awesome apps…I was missing out on these and other features that my obsolete Razr couldn’t handle.  So I got an iPhone 4.  And for better or worse, my world has never been the same.

Having a smart phone makes you feel powerful!  Never again do you need to feel stupid when Google is a few taps away.  Lost?  Hello Maps.  What’s the deal with these birds, and why are they so angry?  Simplistic concept and yet, best game app ever!  The phone’s camera took better pictures than my digital one.  I could keep in touch with friends on Facebook and Twitter, which were literally a touch away.  Technology has come a long, long way, baby!

I’ve had this phone now for two years.  The 4S enticed me a slight bit with the Siri feature, but why upgrade when I don’t need her?  There are rumors of the soon to be released ultimate phone with the iPhone 5.  As the time grows closer, I may consider it.  However, I love my phone as is!

That being said, I’m clumsy sometimes.  Accidents happen.  What’s worse is the thing is not indestructible.  I’ve heard horror stories of people dropping their phone once and the screen cracked.  Not my phone. I’ve dropped my beloved Apple product about 15 times.  Gasps and cursing followed but each time I was greatly fortunate that my pretty paisley cover bought at Target helped protect it.  No damage that I could see and everything still works perfect.  But then, my luck ran out…

I was listening to the iHeartRadio app on my phone while giving myself a pedicure.  I thought it was in a secure location.  I thought wrong.  Very wrong.  The second I heard the tiny splash, my heart skipped a beat.  My eyes grew wide and my hands were like lightning as I pulled the headphones up, freeing the iPhone from its drowning.  It was submerged in the water for maybe 2 seconds at most.  No time for screams, breathing, or tears; I jumped out with only one scrubbed foot, and set to work towel drying it.  The radio was still working.  Other apps were still working.  I was relieved.  Then a few minutes later, I realized something was off.

I was checking other apps, and the phone would take pictures on its own.  It kept doing it every few minutes.  I tried shutting it off.  It wouldn’t power down.  I never typed so fast on my laptop, searching Google and YouTube on what to do.  Unfortunately, this problem has occurred to others before.  Thankfully, they shared what tricks would work, and what never to do.  The following are some steps to take if the phone falls in fresh water.  (The type of fluid matters; for example, salt water may require the phone to be rinsed in rubbing alcohol to clear it of contaminants.)

-Remove from water and dry it off as quickly as possible.  The less time it is submerge or soaked, the better the chance of survival.

-NEVER use a heating source, such as a hair dryer, to dry.  Use a towel.

-Power it off immediately.  If you are unable to, try not to worry; eventually the battery will die out, naturally turning off the device.

-Resist using your phone and NEVER, EVER plug it in!  You will fry your phone’s circuit board as water travels through electricity.

-Pop out the SIM card on the side, remove the battery and dry those off as well.

-The overwhelming response was to put the phone in a ziploc bag or airtight container filled with rice for 24-48 hours.

While I didn’t want to go through the taking apart process of removing the battery, I did pop out the SIM card using the back of an earring and left my poor dying phone in a bag of rice overnight.  I opened it once after six hours, to try and turn it off again, and I was able to.  The next night, I put the SIM card back in, wiped it down of rice residue, shook out the rogue pieces that tucked in the earphone piece and the plug in area, and with bated breath, turned the phone back on.

My thoughts ran rampant.  I’m in a financial position to be able to get a new iPhone, so worst case scenario, I head to the Apple store for a new one.  But I love my phone.  I LOVE MY PHONE.  My pictures, my apps, everything was backed up, but I love THIS phone.  I didn’t want a new one.

The Apple logo appeared.

I waited.

And waited.

Then my lock screen showed up.

I slid it open…it seemed ok.  I checked a few apps slowly.  No apparent problems.  I plugged the phone in to get it fully charged, checked back again when the battery was 100% and still no problems.

It has now been a month.  My phone is still in perfect condition!  The mighty iPhone regenerated itself!  Well, with a little help from Uncle Ben’s.  I consider myself completely lucky, and owe my success to my quick reflexes, the strong wire of my Sony headphones that helped yank it out of drowning status, and the people on the internet who have posted the life-saving tips.

The moral of the story…remain calm, keep a level head, and be careful with your damn phone!


Quick Summer Dessert – Strawberries, Lemon, Sugar & Ice Cream!

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Just wanted to share one of my favorite summer desserts.  

Cut up about four or five strawberries in small chunks or slices and put it in a bowl.  Add about a tablespoon of lemon juice and a tablespoon or two of sugar.  Mix and let settle for ten minutes.  The sugar will draw out the strawberry juices and the lemon will give the sweetness a nice tart counterpart.  Sometimes I just eat it like this, but on special days, I like to add plain vanilla ice cream.  You can also use this strawberry mix on top of pancakes, or maybe as a filling for a crepe…go nuts!  It’s delicious and refreshing!

Note:  I’ve heard of people using vinegar or wine instead of lemon juice.  That’s on you to try; I like the citrus!  Enjoy!