2012 Billboard Music Awards Recap – 5/20/12

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This year’s Billboard Music Awards was hosted by Modern Family’s Ty Burell and Julie Bowen, funnier on their show, decent jokes throughout the show.

LMFAO kicked off the BBM Awards show with a medley of their hits.  It was an atmosphere of party rockin’ that you wanted to be a part of, complete with a boogying zebra in sparkly underwear, a pink teddy bear, and happy dancing!

Justin Bieber was awarded the Social Artist of the Year Award, and with near 22 million Twitter followers, it was a no brainer.

Robin Gibb, who passed away an hour before the show, was given a moment of silence.  Cancer claimed another disco legend; Gibb was only 62.

Katy Perry won the Spotlight Award, the only other recipient being the late King of Pop, Michael Jackson.  She plugged her new movie out July 4th weekend and teased her upcoming performance as one of her most personal songs.

Kelly Clarkson sang her new single, “Dark Side” in a beautiful red dress.

The Wanted brought the European club vibe in the MGM Grand, by singing “Chasing the Sun” and “Glad You Came”.

Miley Cyrus looked ridiculous in her outfit, a white tuxedo jacket that was trying too hard to be sexy, as she presented Wiz Khalifa with the New Artist Award.

Chris Brown lip-synced to “Turn Up the Music” but displayed a great physique and dance routine.

Natasha Bedingfield came out to pay tribute to Donna Summer by messing up the lyrics to “Last Dance”.  Worse was the network cutting to commercial before it was done.

Woman of the Year went to sweetheart Taylor Swift.

Usher performed his hot dance track, “Scream”, where the woman in a red cape in his intro turned into a man in a tux!  Props for the magician trick and for turning it out.

Hot 100 Song of the Year went to “Party Rockin'” from LMFAO.

The Biebs took to the stage with HEAVY Michael Jackson influence.  He did a great job; nice choreography, black lights with fluorescent costumes and singing live.

Adorable Carly Rae Jepson sang her catchy smash, “Call Me Maybe”.

Top Duo or Group went to LMFAO.

Carrie Underwood sang “Blown Away” with the strong tornado wind machine.

Lil Wayne won Male Artist of the Year.

Linkin Park, an underrated fantastic rock band,  sang “Burn It Down.”

Chris Brown took R&B Artist of the Year.

“Wide Awake” was performed by Katy Perry in a white wedding dress while swinging on a giant rope swing.

John Legend sang “The Greatest Love of All”, while Jordin Sparks took on the monster, “I Will Always Love You” with beautiful results.

Pat Houston and Bobbi Kristina Brown received the Millennium Award on behalf of the Voice, Whitney Houston.

The Goodie Mob & Cee Lo Green join together to sing “Fight to Win” as the one legged dancer in a soldier’s uniform stole the show.  Jean Sok from Michael Jackson:  the Immortal Tour was the talented young dancer.  (Highly recommend, awesome show!)  Then came their tribute to Adam “MCA” Yauch of the Beastie Boys, through the anthem “Fight For Your Right”!

A Long Island band won Billboard and Chevrolet’s Battle of the Bands!  Patent Pending played on probably the biggest stage of their life, “Dance Till We Die”.

Nelly Furtado came out ghetto fabulous with “Big Hoops (Bigger the Better)”.  Dancing in heels?  Ha!  Try dancing in stilts like her performers did!

Stevie Wonder received the Billboard Music Icon Award, after reminding the audience how iconic he is by dueling with Alicia Keys on “Higher Ground” and “Overjoyed”.  Stevie requested an ‘impromptu’ chorus of Alicia’s song, “Empire State of Mind” for his birthday.  After his speech to love one another, he sang “Join Our Love” and played harmonica!  Ending the telecast, he sang “Superstition”.


Justin Bieber: Unstoppable Force

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Justin Bieber is set to embark on a massive tour in support of his album, “Believe”, dropping June 19, 2012. Last night, fans finally got a chance to see his highly anticipated video to the first single from the album, “Boyfriend”, on MTV. After airing on the channel, an interview with Sway followed on MTV.com. The Biebs had leaked teaser upon teaser to his supporters, as well as funny little snippets through his Twitter account. Justin started out the video with one of those fake intros, where he was snapping in an iconic backlit pose in the moonlight and nuzzling a women’s neck in a very grown up, this-may-be-too-steamy-for-my-preteen-to-watch video clip, only to restart the song to its true footage: a more age appropriate, mature Bieber driving through the streets, ending up in a block party type of situation, playing guitar, singing to a pretty girl and showcasing slick dance moves with metallic kicks. He admitted he switched up the video from the teasers for his fans, (as millions of parents breathed a sigh of relief), and went on to say his next single will be more radio-friendly; a mid-tempo track entitled, “As Long As You Love Me”.

Fielding questions from the girls in the immediate audience and online, we learned a lot about the maturing Justin Bieber. His favorite soup is broccoli cheddar, he enjoys frosted mini wheats cereal and would like to collaborate with Rihanna and Beyonce. He’d also love to start growing facial hair, but it’s slow coming, except for his mustache. (No worries, Biebie, the scruff will come soon enough, not that it matters much too his millions of fans.) Sway asked him about the comparisons to Justin Timberlake of N’SYNC; Bieber was flattered but didn’t think his music is going the same direction as Timberlake. Like the former N’SYNC member, Justin is continuing his acting chops. He is slated to star in an upcoming movie with Mark Wahlberg, where he plays a basketball player, but all concentration is focused on his Believe tour, with tickets to go on sale soon. As a parting statement, he told his fans to buy tickets, guaranteeing special guests.

On the upcoming album, he’ll be collaborating with fellow Canadian Drake, Usher and Kanye West. Bieber will be releasing a song written for his mother for Mother’s Day, and also wrote a song about the Mariah Yeater scandal, referencing it as his “Billie Jean” song. “Billie Jean” was Michael Jackson’s 1983 hit, which had a similar theme of being falsely accused of fathering a baby.

Much like one of his biggest influences, Michael Jackson, Justin is always gracious to his fans and provides a high energy show full of skilled dancing and entertainment. Unlike the late King of Pop, Justin has the advantage of social media to help promote himself, something he has used brilliantly. With over 21 million Twitter followers, and with smartphones bringing the world to one’s fingertips, he is able to connect to his fans personally through Twitter. His video already has over 4 million views on YouTube, and “Boyfriend” has been projected back to the top 5 on iTunes. Charming and charismatic personality along with a personal outreach to fans has helped propel Justin Bieber and many others into super stardom. Of course, the kid has talent, too.